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Julias last hope
by Janette Oke

Julia has married John and they have twins

Herb woman
by Hannah Miller

Nellie is an herb woman and she is dating Ike. Ike gets upset because he feels that Nellie is spending too much time with helping him than their relationship and he breaks up with her

A promise for miriam
by Vannetta Chapman

Miriam is a teacher and gets a new student named Grace. She doesn't speak and her single parent dad is over protective of his daughter Grace.

Broadcasting happiness, The science of igniting and sustaining positive change
by Michelle gielan

I feel that the author did a great job and I have been applying these tactics in my home and and other aspects of my life.

Hang A White Dish Towel In The Window Tonight
by Tom Osen

Osen shares his adventures of ranching and farming in Montana in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A light and fascinating read. Lea Blunn narrates the book well.

Unexpected Amish romance
by Patricia Davids

Helen is starting to fall for Mark but Mark is leaving town soon.

Why Do Cows Sleep Standing Up?
by Nancy Dickman

Using an easy-to-read conversational style, Dickman answers this question along with some others related to animals' sleeping habits. Cows are not the only animals who can doze while standing up... Includes a glossary. (Available in alternate format from

Recipes And Wooden Spoons
by Judy Baer

There are the girls in the family that are grieving their mother's death and are looking at her old cookbooks.

Amish Family Quilt
by Samantha Price

Debbie is a cousin visiting and she is pregnant and her baby comes. It is a boy and everyone in the family help her. In the meantime, Cherish wants to play a trick on Ada to get back at her for a trick she previously played. Unfortunately, Ada starts to get dizzy and needs to sit down.

Sunbonnets and Sweet Gum
by Pearl Lowe Boyd

In short vignettes, Boyd tells what it was like to live on a farm in Kentucky. The book includes some of her poetry, and Priscilla Barnes narrates both the prose and poems with such sincerity and skill that I was transported to another century when times were tough but in different ways from now. An enjoyable and fascinating read.
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